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What Do My Horse's Nose Reactions Mean?

There is a lot you can tell about a horse by the way they react with their nose! Here are some fun facts to know about why a horse acts the way it does with its nose.

Q: What does it mean when a horse nudges you with their nose?

A: It is a reminder that they desire a treat.

Horse Kisses

Q: Why does a horse put their nose in your face?

A: Explore new and interesting things and show affection.

Q: Why do horses blow through their nostrils when they meet?

A: They’re exchanging information – it’s a great way to bond!

Horse Talk

Q: Why do horses gather information with their noses?

A: Field of vision – horse's eyes are not in front, they have binocular vision and the blind spot is directly in front. They gather information with their lips and noses.

Q: Why do horses blow through their nostrils when no people or other horses are present?

A: A horse who seems excited, and tosses their head snorting may be testing the breeze for scents of other horses or other interesting things.

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