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Horse in arena stall

Arena Stalls

12' x 12' box stall with 12' x 18' turnout.  Closest to the covered arena.


$575 / mo.

Sunset barn stalls

Sunset Barn

12' x 15' box stall with 15' x 24' turnouts. 


$575 / mo.

Pasture and shade shelter

Pasture + Shelter

Shade shelter and pasture are.  Size and prices vary by location. 


$495 / mo.

Base Stall Services

Base stall services are feed, bedding and cleaning that include:

  • Feeding 2 x a day

  • Bedding with shavings

  • Stall, pen or pasture cleaning

Boarding Options

Currently available options for boarding your horse.  Boarding includes the use of our facilities' round pens, tack rooms, trail perimeter course, trail obstacle course plus covered and uncovered arenas.

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