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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Women of A Certain Age Horsemanship Clinics

Bobbi Wade  | clinician/facilitator

4 Keys to a Safe Ride Anywhere
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How do you and your horse handle new obstacles, terrain or places?  Imagine feeling confident to approach any obstacle or situation and conveying that confidence right to your horse's feet.  That is what Bobbi Wade wants to share with you and your horse during this 1-day clinic. We will start in the arena to build skills  and move to the trail and obstacle courses at Lockewood Stables to put it to work.  The horse/rider participants are limited to 10 so there is a "hands-on" experience.  We also have limited spectator seating for each date.  Hope you can join us.

We have postponed this event until Spring of 2021. 


This is an outside event.  The arena is covered but open on the sides.  Social distancing will be practiced. 

About Bobbi Wade
Bobbi Wade

About Bobbi Wade

Bobbi Wade is a horsewoman/adventurer and owner of Wyoming’s Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures.  As a native of Wyoming, Bobbi has covered thousands of miles on horseback from the Teton Wilderness to the Red Desert, and millions of acres of wild Wyoming country in between. 

With 40 years of experience, Bobbi sees her mission as "sharing my family legacy, being a supportive leader, and placing people into the path of the healing peace of our wild Wyoming landscapes, from the back of genuine, open-range saddle horses."


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