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Are Your Saddlebags Ready for Trail Riding?

Hey Trail Riders! What’s in your saddlebags?

Summer is a great time to explore the local horse trails nearby. Before you set off on your ride, it’s time to prepare! What’s in your saddlebags? Here are eight starters that are must-haves for your saddlebag:

1. First aid essentials – first aid cream, bandaids, antiseptic wipes, and waterproof matches. Keep them in a small baggy all together (it makes them easier to keep track of!)

2. Water bottle – you never know how long the ride will be. Even a “short ride” can get extended by an unintended circumstance.

3. Leather String – if your horse steps on his reins or a saddle tie breaks, you are ready.

4. Hoof pick

5. Pocket knife or multi-function pliers (aka Leatherman) – the more functions, the better. With the pliers, you can pull leather through a small hole in making a quick repair.

6. Insect repellant or wipes – It’s best to apply insect repellent for you and your horse before you leave. But it is great to have a backup.

7. Kleenex/Wipes/Hand sanitizer – you never know when “nature will call”. If you are out in the middle of nowhere, Kleenex is like gold!

8. Sunscreen

Get ready to hit the trail this summer and keep your saddlebags filled up with all your essentials! Happy trail riding!

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